Dr. med. dent. Erzsébet Hegedüs

Biological dentistry

Dentist's Office Address:

8380 Hévíz
Széchenyi utca 2.
Relax-House (urban large park)

Consulting hours:

Monday – Friday:
9:00 am – 04:00 pm

based on pre-registration

Sunday: closed

Phone contact

+36 30 9397 487


In Hévíz you will find almost all the elements of natural healing and health preservation, which, as small parts, adapt to each other and together create a whole.

Wellness and dentistry – all in one!

Consultation-hours: flexible, also possible on weekends.

Where is Hévíz?
How do I get there?
Where can I stay for the night?

Hévíz is a Mediterranean holiday city, the therapy, wellness and tourism stronghold of Hungary. The city is located in western Hungary, 5 km from Lake Balaton. In this world-known spa revolves everything around Lake Hévíz, healing waters and medicinal mud. Open all year round every day. Anything and everything ensures here peaceful relaxation, healing, surrounded by wonderful old trees, flowers, parks, promenades.

Accessible by car, train, plane.
Hévíz can be reached from the airport of Budapest, Vienna and Graz with approximately two and a half hours by car. On request, our office provides transfer from the airport.

A wide range of accommodation is also available.
If required, we will gladly book accommodation for you.

Hévíz city map

Relax-Dental on the map