Guarantee of health and beautiful smile.

Our main profile is esthetic dentistry and immediately resilient implants.
Our emphasis is on environmental and tissue-friendly materials, as well as the application of natural (alternative) healing methods and the complementary procedures.


Traditional dentistry

  • implantology
  • zirconia ceramic bridges, crowns
  • metal ceramic bridges, crowns
  • removable dentures
  • flexible Valplast dentures (unbreakable)
  • dental surgery
  • X-ray, diagnostics
  • fillings
  • root canal treatment

Biological dentistry

  • amalgam removal
  • oral acupuncture, mesotherapy
  • galvanic measurement in the oral cavity
  • material test
  • periodontitis laser treatment
  • use of homeopathic remedies and Schüssler salts
  • nutrition and life guidance advice

Further information about the immediately resilient implant

The K.S.I abbreviation means compression screw implant.

It is patient-friendly, the gums do not have to be cut, there is no bleeding and no swelling after surgery.
Within 1 week you will also get a denture with the implant and a new, better quality of life. Your confidence returns, you can talk without fear, smile – all with the most suitable materials for you!

Implantation procedure

Anamnesis, dental check up, X-ray, possibly CT scan, then creation of the treatment plan. During surgery, the site of the implant must first be prepared with a special drill. Its diameter is always narrower than that of the implant.

The maximum protection of the bone tissue is ensured by the special screw thread of the K.S.I system (
The concave screw thread of the Bauer cone screw press the bone tissue radially when screwing in, but does not destroy it. The roundings between the threads adapt optimally to the bone tissue, the compressed bone nestles directly, seamlessly to the implant, thus the healing process will be shortened. The special threads create an immediate, stable fixation. The screw can be loaded immediately, within 4-5 days the patients get the final dentures.